Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus - Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus

Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus

Isopropyl Alcohol surface cleaner Pintyplus

100% Isopropyl Alcohol in aerosol with improved dispersion for deep cleaning of objects and surfaces. Recommended for domestic and professional use.

Applications for Isopropyl Alcohol spray

Cleans easily any surface from any environment domestic and professional. It is recommended in cleaning making easier to remove dust and dirt spots from delicate elements such as electronic, magnetic, optical, computer components, ATMs or 3D printers, etc.

Indicated to be applied on surfaces and objects without leaving any visible residue, simply apply the alcohol and wait for it to evaporate.

Characteristics of Pintyplus isopropyl alcohol

  • 520 / 400ml spray
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 100%. For more information, you can see the related article in wiki/isopropyl alcohol.
  • Helps to remove dirt, grease and oil spots and contaminants.
  • Reach every corner - easily can be orientated in any direction always with the can in a vertical position to reach those not very accessible corners of spaces due to its precision and pressure. Covers large areas of surfaces with just pressing the nozzle of the spray.
  • The product evaporates fast.
  • Leaves no residue on the surface after its evaporation.

In the case of cleaning a delicate surface, avoid abrasion.

Its composition 100% isopropyl alcohol, without water, allows:

  1. To clean objects such as keyboards, work boots or furniture in a very simple way.
  2. It s also perfect for cleaning electrical components and circuits because it leaves no residue.
  3. In case you have to paint something, you can apply easily the product and paint the surface of the piece almost instantaneously.

Recommendations for use

It can be used as a rag or cloth for dusty or stained surfaces.

Do not use on equipment connected to the electric current.




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